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Pregnancy (fiche élève)

01 / 09 / 2004 | Sacha Touille | Thomas Gaillat
Sur le Web Pregnancy

1- Objectives of the sequence

The student will learn how toLinguistics and phonologyCultureVocabulary
To search for words in an online dictionary

To infer meaning of words in relation to a topic
Questions reactivation Biology and pregnancy Cells...

Evaluation None

Book : Tracks plus seconde - Hachette education

2- Sessions

MO Detailed understanding Pregnancy presentation (flash)
  1. fill
    in questionnaire (Télécharger le questionnaire au format word)
  2. HW Write a recap of process
1 Written expressions Filled in questionnaire
  1. Write a recap o
  2. TOL on tenses

3- Session MO

  • Brain and spine develop
  • Reorder the events
  • Arms and head are visible
  • Development and movements
  • Organs are working
  • Mother very tired and goes to hospital

- Fiche professeur d’anglais: Pregancy (fiche professeur)